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Áqua das Pedras (12 flesjes)

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Água das Pedras (wat van de stenen), dit wereldberoemde water is 100% natuurlijk licht koolzuurhoudend mineraal water. De bron bevindt zich in Pedras Salgadas Park – waar de naam vandaan komt– een thermaal Park in Portugal vlakbij Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Noord-Portugal. Dit water werd al gedronken in de Romeinse tijd. Buiten dat dit water heel erg lekker smaakt is het gezond, goed voor de maag en bevat het heel veel mineralen.

10 redenen om Agua das Pedras te drinken :

In life
Water is a key to life, nature and man elements , so it must be ingested at various times of the day even when you do not feel thirsty.

In Wellbeing
Its composition and natural purity, Agua das Pedras prevents oxidation and aging of cells, providing a more youthful skin and a sense of wellbeing .

In Excess
Minerals naturally present in Agua das Pedras are elements in the recovery of some excesses, such as alcohol.

In Sports
The decline in water levels in the body may raise some unpleasant symptoms such as muscle cramps or weakness , attenuated manifestations naturally when drinking
Agua das Pedras.

In Digestion
Agua das Pedras combines bicarbonate and minerals, elements that facilitate the digestive process and ensure that a good meal is followed by a quiet digestion.

In Hydration
High temperatures are synonymous with dehydration and fatigue, symptoms that minerals and trace elements present in Agua das Pedras promptly relieve, restoring a sense of wellbeing.

With meals
Result of intrinsic properties of natural gas to its composition, Agua das Pedras  activates the taste buds and makes every meal an extra source of pleasure.

The bicarbonate and other natural minerals in Agua das Pedras, as calcium salts and allow increasing the degree of oral ph and preserve your dental health.

In Health
Agua das Pedras is a natural sparkling mineral water rich in bicarbonate, which gives it beneficial features in reducing and regulating cholesterol.